The Third Act

Edward Kelly Workshop, 1st September

“If you could export this programme; you could change the world”David Meeker, CEO, Genzyme Corporation, Boston MASS
“You are onto something here. This programme’s time has come”Kingsley Aikins, CBE, Diaspora Matters
“This really worked. Sufficient time was allowed for us to determine what was really important”David Mee, Vice President, Materials Management EMEA Avnet Technology Solutions
“I thought the structure and content was excellent.”Liam Hogan, Retired Chartered Accountant
“I came away enthusiastically looking forward to my ‘third-act.”Mary Dooley, Bursar National University of Ireland
"The course was exceptional and as you know that was the overwhelming view of all participants"Liam Hogan, Retired Chartered accountant
"Excellent facilitation and content".John Doherty, The Beehive
"I thought I’d tell you it feels more than ever like you’re on to something important here"Richard Cooper, International Training Consultant, France
"In the first and second acts there is always someone to blame, family, busyness, in the third act there is no one left to blame"Paul Sullivan, Corporate Director
“It’s not that you have run out of road it’s just that you have run out of road markings”Eoin Sheahan, Marketing Manager, Retirement Marketing Team New Ireland Assurance


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  • The Third Act’ tells you what this ‘third-act in life is all about.
  • ‘Human Longevity’ explains how our life expectancy is changing our third-act.
  • ‘Human Development’ outlines the opportunity that exists in our third-act.
  • ‘Transitioning’ describes the process we use to help you transition to third-act in. life
  • ‘Programmes’ describes the programmes, workshops and retreats that might interest you.
  • ‘Contact’ provides the links to make contact with us and also describes who we are.


Edward KellyThe Third Act