Human longevity has changed the horizon of our lives, with profound effects on us socially, organisationally and personally.
  • Socially, how will society adapt to 20-25% of the population being over 60 and who are no longer old?
  • Organisationally, what will it be like to work in a multigenerational organisation?
  • Personally, what does this mean for me, for my life and my work? I am in my 50's,   am I supposed to be old?


 What do we offer?

- A development programme for employees over 50 

- One-to-one development coaching.

- Corporate seminars and workshops.

Upcoming events
- Public Seminar, The Third Act, 7th March, details here ...

- Transition to the next stage, Skyros Island, Greece, 7-14th July, details here ...

- Take the Living & working in an age of longevity questionnaire, here

Contact: Dr. Edward J Kelly


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